Voix Intérieure/Inner Voice

I took on the challenge of writing a poem in French and then translating it into English: Des chuchotements m’entourent Et ma voix s’épanouit dans le bruit Les autres, ils adorent cette concurrence Une lutte dans laquelle ils sacrifient Leur identité pour une collectivité Afin de s’intégrer dans le bourdonnement D’une vie avantageuse et argentée... Continue Reading →


Lost in a desert of empty stares Seeking approval from blind eyes Searching for meaning amidst narrow minds I turn to face the crowd of expectation Somewhat sorry that I cannot meet Their skewed perception of whom they think I should be Or perhaps even want to be For we all need to fit into... Continue Reading →

Great big world

We live in a great big world Of lips that lull in strange tongues And eyes that widen in understanding As enemies join hands in love Sorrow lurks in the next corner Forcing brothers to hunt one another At night we toss and turn, Ever in pursuit of the words Happy and free But what... Continue Reading →

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