Voix Intérieure/Inner Voice

I took on the challenge of writing a poem in French and then translating it into English: Des chuchotements m’entourent Et ma voix s’épanouit dans le bruit Les autres, ils adorent cette concurrence Une lutte dans laquelle ils sacrifient Leur identité pour une collectivité Afin de s’intégrer dans le bourdonnement D’une vie avantageuse et argentée... Continue Reading →


In the midst of my darkest nights I freeze the hourglass and fly away Away to a nameless refuge Where tinted dreams pull me astray In this world of golden dimension Forgetting yourself is a right of passage And as troubles dissolve into a deepening abyss My scarlet eyes seek perpetual redemption In these ashen... Continue Reading →


An electric rush through my stormy waves And a pulse of freedom jolts me back Back to the careless you and the careless me Survivors of the ifs and onlys of a reckless life If I could follow you back to those daydreams To days where space ticked through my fingers And time floated like... Continue Reading →

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