The Present Moment

Sometimes, in moments of idle daydreams When the way forward seems opaque And eager limbs are nailed to a point of standstill Backwards becomes the only means of progression Drifting en arrière to a clearer and simpler air A time that was once dark too, and now merely jaded Persuaded, I click my fingers and... Continue Reading →


In this insta-society Only numbers matter Figures on a screen Reveal your worth And the tap of a key Can shift a desolate mood But all is ephemeral Instant is temporary Fading into oblivion With the next post Of a superior moment And a better rated smile The grass is always greener On another profile... Continue Reading →

Mass Tourism

When the hourglass spun in reverse The sands on this beach were pure scintillation The rolling tides, a siren song to spectators Gazing in awe upon this wondrous haven But now we must keep them at bay For they have poisoned these precious waters And spoiled this sumptuous expanse With their greedy cameras and wasteful... Continue Reading →

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