Mass Tourism

When the hourglass spun in reverse
The sands on this beach were pure scintillation
The rolling tides, a siren song to spectators
Gazing in awe upon this wondrous haven

But now we must keep them at bay
For they have poisoned these precious waters
And spoiled this sumptuous expanse
With their greedy cameras and wasteful hands

For the price of a pretty picture and a profile update
A human storm has ravaged this ethereal refuge
Raining down in cans of momentary intoxication
And the empty packets of a spontaneous gap year

Must we turn a blind eye or shut them completely?
Ban eager souls from this terrestrial paradise
Or continue its descent into commercial misery
Sending obliging customers to an island in ruin

In the wake of the relentless allures of consumerism
The hour is up for the victims of mass tourism

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