Great big world

We live in a great big world
Of lips that lull in strange tongues
And eyes that widen in understanding

As enemies join hands in love
Sorrow lurks in the next corner
Forcing brothers to hunt one another

At night we toss and turn,
Ever in pursuit of the words
Happy and free
But what do they truly mean?

As the infinite clock ticks over tears
And scarred wounds flood open
Happiness becomes a peculiar memory
And freedom a tantalising mirage

Unfathomable horrors fill my screen
But your vision clouds over with the reality of it all
Fleeing the disaster
That has come for your unsuspecting world

As I watch helplessly from afar
The edges of my being ache for you
With hope that the bullets may cease
And the hurt will fade into oblivion

For though we are worlds apart
We remain
Ever a part
Of the same perpetual cycle
That keeps turning through crises
Still in pursuit of those elusive words
That continue to hang out of reach

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