In dark moments, he would escape to a secret dimension
A paradise of sorts, where good and evil were carved
In black and white across the body of this enchanted land

Here he would soar with dragons, chasing
Through crisp air in search of fantastical creatures
And adventure, ever fleeing the inescapability of his own truth

Upon daunting mountaintops, he basked in the presence
Of a thousand scintillating suns, whose rays became pure
And healing, as though his earthly world had been turned upside down

For here he was valiant, a daring explorer of infinite capability
Fearless, his inner demon became a physical presence
That he could fight off with a mere glance

And entranced by his own power, inevitably amorous moments
Brushed over the hero’s lips under the siren moon
While anxious onlookers from a sadder world watched in wait

For the hourglass to run its course on this echoed life
Ephemerally, here he could be free; his worsening scars
The simple marks of imaginary beasts; surmountable

But alas, the real life struggle was far less clear-cut
This seemingly free man, made prisoner by a destructive ill
Could not lift the curse of his cumbersome tumour

Wielding his precious power to monitors and machines
Perpetual darkness became his key; a permanent entry
To the colourful paradise he yearned to dominate

With the battle lost, he returned once more to his kingdom
To live an eternally golden moment

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