Opportunity. The voices behind me chime in excitement
The word an answer to every anxious glance or hesitation
Remember: The past is an uncomfortable comfort zone
Its used edges a hindrance to the greener pasture lying ahead

But is this truly greener? The emerald I was promised is strangely murky
Alarmed, I turn back and hear the whispers cooing in admiration
A digital choir of awe, viewing my discomfort with spectacles of rose
Remember: A radiant experience is most appreciated by the passive onlooker

So, into the looming haze of uncertainty, two feet tread tentatively
Trying desperately to side step the what ifs’ obscuring the way
Reminder: I must fill my gaze with the highly anticipated ‘new,’
Throw that monotonous familiarity into the corner and push on…

Soon my eyes will adjust to the ephemeral mist; the ordinary will be restored
Opportunity will become a simple word, a synonym for the transformation
Of the sparkling unknown into a safe and greying routine, if you so choose it
For today is both a beginning and an end, a bridge from dull to wonder

Just remember: It may not be in that particular order

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