Traffic Lights

Never looking back, she pierced into the vengeful dark Headlights scratching over tired roads and wasted tar And endless highways singing of monotonous silences Her heart hoped for change, but darkness knows no alteration Sparks in his eyes would whisper of modification, yet tender Touches turned to spiteful reproaches, suddenly insane Bruises on skin and... Continue Reading →

More than I

Give me space, because I can’t breath, Deeper as I fall from the mountain of my own Creation, is my voice audible over the noise? My stubborn ears are filled with silence And the space I crave is suffocating, stifled By the pain of the other nods and smiles around For though I rub the... Continue Reading →

Fly away

When the days get long and the nights get tough Listen to the hum of a wandering jet plane and imagine All the drifters and daydreamers flying to places unknown While the laborious city sleeps, the planes move on ahead But nothing lasts, my dear, and their journeys too will cease For any existence in... Continue Reading →

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