Another’s eyes

Why is it that we so seek the approval of another’s eyes? To feel a palpable acceptance radiating from their gaze Is almost to grasp at an unreachable form of satisfaction But another’s eyes cannot show a true reflection Of the numerous thoughts and feelings turning inside It is a flawed vision that scratches at... Continue Reading →

A Final Flash

It was then that she saw it. Her vision blurred and she was transported to a polyphonic universe where the ‘what ifs’ and ‘could have beens’ of her lonely life all became true. She watched as her graduation cap flew into the blinding azure and her achievement sparkled brightly in her parents’ eyes. She touched... Continue Reading →

New Roads

Walking the Parisian streets in a daze The hot tar clings to my unfamiliar steps As the strange air swallows me into a new world Into a realm of sweet smells and ticking keys Where nostalgia dances on my tongue Taking me back to summer days spent far away Alien voices overwhelm my consciousness Drawing... Continue Reading →

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