Self Defeat

The taste of blood trickles over my bitten lips As my tear stained cheeks begin to dry And the crude mud around my ankles Pulls me deeper into a dark deprecation I am trapped in a cage of my own making Encircled by steel bars crafted by my own thought Some phantom vultures peer smugly... Continue Reading →


Can you feel it? The thousand ripples pricking your skin As the screams of agony rush from within No, you cannot For only I am the one Destined for a dusty road of deterioration While the clock whispers of my diagnosis in anticipation Left unable to walk into the embrace of this deadening end To... Continue Reading →

Your Setting Sun

A flaming sky filled with golden tears Cradles my thoughts as your face reappears Though darkness is coming, still I will fight In hope that the heavens may hear my plight With weathered hands I light my own flame And watch as the rings drift to form your name Marking the sky with the trace... Continue Reading →

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