A familiar smile pulls at my rouged lips As my footsteps echo over glossy steps In reluctant search of precise coordinates In a constant hope to soothe my wanderlust A name chimes listlessly through worn corners While trembling fingers brush over scratched edges Plucking the puppet strings of an aching dream Yet to whom does... Continue Reading →


An electric rush through my stormy waves And a pulse of freedom jolts me back Back to the careless you and the careless me Survivors of the ifs and onlys of a reckless life If I could follow you back to those daydreams To days where space ticked through my fingers And time floated like... Continue Reading →


Forgive me for the things I have not done For the moments of me that will go unsung A life of liberty destined to confinement A wasted eternity of dreams I have already spent Once upon a time I wished into the darkness Over the silver moon my lips moved to confess But those wistful... Continue Reading →

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