The Warrior

Filled with pride and a radiant elegance The warrior stands with his shoulders back Tall before the ever elusive looking glass Poised in valour and strength, his natural stance His armour holds his supple frame in place While his eyes dart alluringly to the mirror His mask hides any secret the enemy could trace Even... Continue Reading →

The Murky Lagoon

The murky lagoon whispers a siren song Calling the thirsty travelers to her side Long have they journeyed to taste her lies A dirty fountain of youth that will never suffice The perpetual mirage that washes over their hungry eyes A single lily floats precariously in her smooth grasp As a decaying petal falls to... Continue Reading →

Hidden Existence

My existence is a secret. Locked away with no key to prove my being I am a shadowed woman in the nights of war Traveling through time in search of my halcyon days Seeing nothing but soot and sawdust Feeling nothing but gloom in the glimmer of this weary haze Starry eyed I gaze into... Continue Reading →

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